The chairman speech

Every friend, from all walks of life colleague:

Above all, to visit and click our website regards the from all walks of life friend; Secondly, to long-term concern and support the development of company leaders and the social from all walks of life colleague said sincerely thank! New and old customers to extend my sincere greetings!

Cable sound electronic along the way, with all the way rain, creates the first-class enterprise, entered the new century development journey; Facing the global integration of economic wave, in the face of almost every corner of the world is pregnant with the development opportunity and challenge of change, cable sound electronic with confidence.

At present, the cable sound from the beginning of foundation electronics has the mill small factory, developed the chengji to assembling management, supply of enterprise-stop services national no regional enterprises. The company each segment development course, all without exception is congealing cable sound people hard sweat and the crystallization of wisdom. Because electronic has a special cable sound to endure hardship, especially the loyal staff can fight, just created a miracle and cable sound electronic glory. "SuoLi si" products with its good performance and high quality has won the domestic and foreign customers, enlarged, and the market share sales climbed in successive years. Because cable sound the most competitive electronic has a team of technical tube, just make enterprises to realize the great leap from the development of traditional imitate manufacture, independent innovation, fittings, cable sound electronic step over one era, the enterprise introducing the most when zi chan industry, becoming the first square the industry leader.

First, innovation in science and technology peoduct synchronize with the world! We firmly believe that innovation is a brand of life fountainhead, "SuoLi si" brand is cable sound people use wisdom and sweat casts, and we will continue to redouble their care, and constantly enrich, promote the brand value, everyday want to have new as, every day there are new enhancement, every day there are new progress, every day there are new success!

The days ahead, we hope to get your constant support and love. Let us together, through thick and thin and committed to create mutual benefit and win-win, electronic, the innovation vigor cable sound cable sound electronics, power cable sound electronics, harmonious cable sound electronic to try hard to struggle!