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Thematic culture: unite, with our own hands to change our own destiny! Try to create and build our beautiful home, make all the middle people lead a happy life. For more people by providing jobs and create social benefits; By actively tax contribution for the construction of the country.

Enterprise vision: creating famous brand, creates the first-class, and achieves 100 years.

Development strategy: the national famous stationery manufacturer.

Business philosophy: the enterprise construction into harmony, progressive, sincere and straight, and always trustworthy, employees and the society and client all love outstanding groups. Through and passengers to win-win, customer satisfaction, customer in cooperation with us the way to benefit maximization, stable and rapid development and expansion of the enterprise in the competition lead the market.

Enterprise spirit: independent, striving, no despair, proud, brave to face any difficulties. Can undertake responsibility, dare to face yourself and thoroughly change their mistakes.

Enterprise value: enterprise must development, the enterprise must work hard to create economic and social benefits, efforts to explore high efficiency low cost of scientific development road, promote the revitalization of the national industry. Production product also produce outstanding person, and first is the production of excellent person. Business enterprise is middle man's life. Business Try to become great asset to the country and the people.

Moral: honor your father and your mother, observe disciplines and law, loving and loyal to the enterprise, honesty, mutual respect and love each other, WuQi, seeking truth from facts, magnanimous to things not people, have words in the face to face.

Collectivism thought that only through group can get their success and development, so the success of an enterprise is we realize self and develop themselves and eventually acquire the material, spiritual interests double harvest the only way. Each employee is to enjoy the spring breeze to groups to the right for enterprise contribution and also the breeze of obligations and responsibilities.

The human-based ideology: correct target and direction once determined, human factors that became the decisive factor. No man, no middle company's success and development, therefore, the most important is the wealth of middle company. People-oriented can figure greatundertaking.

Knowledge concept: only hard won't be eliminated, make the learning of sustainable development of the enterprise is an important way.

Management idea: start with small, everything is someone tube, big-picture, establish the overall concept. A clear division of work, are relatively independent and close collaboration. No matter, big middle company in a small, small in a big, all small handle, brilliant naturally.

Quality principle: quality is the life of enterprise, no quality as the foundation of the products will be worthless.

Discipline and order: discipline is enterprise's security, the confusion will achieve nothing.

Safety consciousness: no security, enterprise existence loses its meaning. No security no development, no success and failure. Therefore, in the enterprise in the safety management regulations rules in safety management is the most important and the most important personal safety regulations.

Service concept: no the acceptance and satisfaction of customers, not of our survival and development. Therefore, for the customer service just to achieve the company self development and expansion of approach. So does well the service for users is the only right choice.

Competition consciousness: afraid of competition, show the middle man's verve; Because only love to compete in the competition to vti); Actively participate in the competition because only in competition can learn perfect and practical knowledge and experience. And only withstand competition, undertaking will be long. No competition, no development!

Team consciousness: enterprise is a vivid and independent personality, with independent thinking organic whole, not a number the sum of the mob. Want to play groups must be clear goal, the advantage of unity in thinking, unified recognition, pools, the heart thinks toward one place, interest makes toward one place, solidarity forward and will invicible, overwhelming. This is an important guarantee of middle career success.

In the dangerous crisis consciousness: Keith Ann, fierce competition, market will never ever encountered monstrous crisis forever, forever, the full of all sorts of difficulties and dangers, so we must always keep a clear mind, diligently looking for, master and use good to a successful wsri across our enterprise to manage the life boat!

Responsibility consciousness and attitudes: because of the practical problems of complexity and cause problems of diversity, variability, reasons that we can make some mistakes. In addition to the problem cannot make mistakes principle outside, other mistakes we must dare to undertake the responsibility, from their own, believing from subjective find reasons, this is the only true with the wrong also is very hard duty attitude.

Natural environmental consciousness: natural environment is human survival and development the important condition. Therefore, care for the environment is an obligation of every citizen and responsibility. Meanwhile, as the middle company staff is also a person to basic quality performance. Good care environment is to take good care of ourselves.

The organizational environment consciousness: no organized and benign operation is no enterprise or individual success, strictly observe discipline and improve as organizational environment consciousness, is also the important condition of our success.

The economic environment consciousness: all were involved with our enterprise units and individuals are our survival and development of economic environment, so we have to work twice as to care! Will the sincere, warm, deep down in there with us with all the people or group organization go maintain friendly relations, never permitted in any circumstance, with any excuses and reason, in no way makes guests unhappy. To our behavior in a highly responsible, do it sincerely and straight, and friendly, courteous, goods really WuQi.

The style of work: high efficiency, not to tow, don't push, wait, rely on, don't pull, starts from the minor matter, starts from the self, it is necessary, is practical.

Attitude: bold responsible, serious and meticulously.