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Our mission


We hope to repay with excellent national social returns. We are committed to popularize continuously innovative products to help customer experience fashion and improve the quality of life.


We work hard to make our products and services to attain and more than peer level, let people enjoy the best headset supply. We strive to create a full of drive and incentive environment, encourage the staff struggle. We work hard through science and technology innovation products, our sales service, and through extensive cooperation with all circles of the society, to achieve our goal of contributing to society.

Loyalty, passion marketing team

With "loyalty wins the steady, the spirit of" champions winding shaped Finn marketing team, to unite, passion and fortitude accomplished the brilliant yesterday cable sound. More in an indomitable, but the will, forming a kind of spirit. They created cable sound today, with many years of market more will experience accumulated wisdom, loyalty and the steady, continue to create more splendid tomorrow!

Academic specialization marketing

Attaches great importance to product academic promotion, have specialized marketing team, through dedicated academic marketing. With numerous national dealers, supermarket close cooperation, vigorously developing the various academic promotion activity, greatly improving the product competitiveness and reputation. The influence of electronic and other kinds of product unceasing enhancement, cable, SuoLi notes, a large number of brand our customers get the approval.

The perfect marketing network

Cable sound has 400 people of the marketing team, in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in its offices, steady and rapid and accurate marketing advantage, build up a strong marketing service network, nationwide more than 90% of the market and make cable sound products promptly and accurately to the clients.

Strive for excellence

To do the domestic colleague first, international influential as the goal, never satisfied, build strong executive power, and strive to improve performance and seriously, causes the enterprise to measure results, constantly develops to excellence ahead.


As a taking market as the leading company, we must seek truth from facts seriously market, constantly transcend organization structure and various restrictions, flexible to the ground begins the work, to meet the changing needs of our customers.